Jordi Estrada

Jordi Estrada is a director from Barcelona who focuses on commercials, fashion films, music videos and fiction. His sensitivity, stemming from an interest in cinema, painting, comics, music and fashion, makes him a very visual creative, passionate about creating atmospheres and worlds close to reality where deep emotions are mixed with sensations and dreamlike environments. His approach shapes beautiful images with raw immediacy and, often, a lyrical and nonlinear narrative.
 His work has appeared and has been released in I-D Magazine, Vice, Fucking Young and many others. He has also been selected at national and international film festivals such as the Milano Fashion Film Festival or Asvoff. 

“But this road does not go anywhere.” I told him. - “That does not matter.” - “What does?” I asked, after a little while. - “Just that we’re on it, dude.” he said. ”- Bret Easton Ellis 

Barcelona, 1984

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